Soil Gel

BioProtect Gels: Enhanced Plant Health and Immunity
Soil Gel
  • 1010 cells/ml of Pseudomonas fluorescens.
  • USPs: Improves plant health, suppresses soil-borne pathogens, produces siderophores and biopolymers, increases germination, nodulation, yield, and productivity.
Usage Protocols (Soil Gel):
  • Soil Application: Dissolve 25 ml packet in 100-200 liters of water, spray along root zones.
  • Seed Application: Mix 25 ml with seed solution for one-acre seeds.
  • Broadcasting: Mix 25 ml in ½ liter water, combine with 10-15 kg of FYM/Soil, dry for 15 minutes, and broadcast.
  • Seedlings Treatment: Dissolve 25 ml in 5-10 liters of water, dip seedling roots, and transplant.