• Conquer fertility issues with satellite insight.
  • Crop Disease Prediction
  • Soil Nutrition
  • Vegetation Health
  • Monitor crop vitality in realtime.
Key Features Of SBAIS
  • Crop Health/Agriculture Monitoring
  • Land Cover Monitoring
  • Soil Moisture Monitoring
  • Reports in real time
  • Drought Monitoring
  • User friendly mobile app
Key Features Of MNS

Proven facts: After implementation in over 23,000 acres, during last 1.5 years

  • Chemical reduction by 40-50% (Good Environmental impact)
  • Yield improvement by 20-30% (Income increased)
  • Reduction in use of pesticides (Environmental benefit)
Technical Highlights of the product
  • High cell count (10^11 cfu/ml, tested by Standard Plate Count Method) with Nil Contamination.
  • High Stability: shelf life of more than 1 and a half years: based on accelerated and real time studies, maintains viability)
  • Ultralight weight - up to 1000X lighter than conventional products
  • Reduces User Cost: Reduced transport, storage, and manpower costs (during application)
  • Water soluble: Ease of Application.
  • Easy to use: Effortlessly works with existing irrigation/fertigation practices.
  • 100% eco-friendly: Zero residues and completely biodegradable product
  • Product Safety Assured: No Harmful Health Hazards